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Sundays, and holy days

Worship is very important to us, it is where we give thanks, seek strength and insight, and meet with God and each other. 

We follow a liturgical tradition, but within that have a variety of services from informal ‘Family’ worship to the more formal communion service. All ages are welcome to any of our services.

A BCP service of Holy Communion is held every Wednesday at 11am in Compton.

Our Sunday services for June are as follows:

Wednesday 2nd June
11.00amHoly Communion @ Compton
(1st) Sunday 6th June – First Sunday after Trinity
9.30amFamily Communion @ Otterbourne
9.30amFamily Communion @ Hursley
11.00amFamily Communion @ Compton
Wednesday 9th June
11.00amHoly Communion @ Compton
(2nd) Sunday 13th June – Second Sunday after Trinity
9.30amParish Communion @ Otterbourne
11.00amFamily Worship @ Compton
11.00amFamily Communion @ Hursley
Wednesday 16th June
11.00amHoly Communion @ Compton
(3rd) Sunday 20th June – Third Sunday after Trinity
9.30amFamily Service @ Otterbourne
9.30amParish Communion @ Hursley
11.00amParish Communion @ Compton
Wednesday 23rd June
11.00amHoly Communion @ Compton
(4th) Sunday 27th June – Fourth Sunday after Trinity
9.30amParish Communion @ Otterbourne
11.00amMorning Worship @ Compton
11.00amFamily Service @ Hursley
Wednesday 30th June
11.00amHoly Communion @ Compton


It is worth saying that, although it is unlikely to be a problem, each church has a maximum number that it can hold within Covid safe limits. How many that is will be largely determined by the composition of the congregation, eg., how many people on their own and how many households. We feel that it is not at all likely that we should have more than we can safely accommodate, but, of course, we would have to turn people away if that number was exceeded.

Streaming services

Current live streamed services will appear at this URL:


Past live streamed services will now appear at this URL:


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