Rector's letters

Magazine letter October 2022

I write this on Friday 16th September, I give the date because our thoughts this week, a week of mourning for our late Queen Elizabeth II, can’t help but be dominated by Her Majesty’s death and the response to it.

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Magazine letter for September 2022

This Sunday (as I write) I have the enormous privilege of baptising my eighth grandchild, Norah. We inevitably ask ourselves what world she has she been born into, and what faith will she be taught to help her to cope with such a world.

It’s very physical this Christianity thing. Sometimes I like to pretend it’s all rather esoteric, and spiritual. But then I realise that Christianity is all about incarnation, about God alongside us… in this world and with this world – a part of this world. Christianity is not about ethics, it’s not about being good boys and girls, keeping to the rules, avoid doing bad things and you’ll be a good person, and God will think you’re just great. Jesus did not die on a cross to tell us that.

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Magazine letter for August 2022

We have been witness to a deal of dreaming recently, people dreaming of becoming Prime Minister, for instance. But we all dream, and there is nothing wrong with dreaming.  Dreams carry ideas and hopes. Visions to guide our lives; aspirations, longings, and imaginings of a different future, of the way things might be.

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Magazine letter for July 2022

There seems to be an increasing appetite to concentrate power in the hands of a few individuals. The current desire from government to increase the numbers of city mayors, for instance; and the demise of cabinet government to one far more centred in the office of one person with a large politically appointed staff.

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February 2022 Magazine letter

One way or another the last couple of years have given many of us a bit of a battering. So what restores you? What feeds your inner man or woman? What gives you the heart to face the new day? What energises you? What keeps you going?

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