Wedding Fees Guide

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2019 Wedding Fees are comprised of mandatory items and optional items as follows:
Mandatory Fees
Wedding Service - £455
Reading of Banns - £30

Optional Items
Marriage Certificate - £4 per copy
Organist - £100 (by liaison with organist)
Choir - £80
Bells rung at the end of the service - see Bells section
Heating - Compton and Otterbourne £15, Hursley £18

An invoice will be sent out about a month prior to your wedding which can be paid by cheque made payable to ‘Compton PCC’, ‘Hursley PCC’, or ‘Otterbourne PCC’ as appropriate. If you would prefer to settle your account earlier or in stages please contact the administrator to discuss this.

Please note wedding fees are revised by General Synod every year.