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2nd April 2018

St. Matthew’s Coffee Morning

This month our Coffee Morning will be held on Monday 9th  April at 10 a.m. in the Church Room. Any funds raised will be donated to the Marie Curie Nurses  Everyone will receive a warm welcome..

Last month we raised £142.  Thank you to everyone for their generosity.



25th March 2018

Easter Greetings


On Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Easter Sunday, Holy Week begins. The week, carefully delineated in the Gospel of Mark, follows Jesus through his last days. It begins with a triumphal procession and ends with Jesus entombed and the quiet stillness of Holy Saturday. In those few days much happens that is of great significance. And the significance is carried, not in the words, but in the actions performed each day. Jesus enters the great city of Jerusalem, riding on a donkey, the symbol of coming in peace; he turns over the tables of the money changers; he curses a fig tree because it is fruitless; his feet are anointed; he shares bread and wine at a passover meal with his disciples; he is betrayed; he is tried; he is crucified. Throughout the story of Jesus many words are used, he teaches, he debates, he tells stories, he warns, he forgives. But now it isn’t the words that matter but what happens, it is the actions that speak the loudest – symbols that shout down the ages, ‘Take notice of this!’ We convey with words what we believe the actions to mean, but words are a poor substitute for experience. They are merely aimed at our thinking mind, they do not enter that deeper self that might understand what our reason cannot, that place of empathy and feeling, the place where true prayer comes from. To walk in a Palm Sunday procession, is different from merely hearing about it, to sit and have warm water poured over your feet, is different from hearing about it, to be quiet and still for three hours, immersed in music and image on the theme of Jesus’ death, is different from hearing about it. And because it is different is the reason why our services for Holy Week are different and involve more physicality than at any other time of the year. Culminating in the greatest act of physical remembrance of the week, when we stand outside the church and light the Paschal flame from which we spread the light of the resurrection of Christ, not the mere coming to life of a corpse but the declaration of the ultimate truth of God, that he transcends the bounds of life and death and that death is only the limit of our sight. I do hope that you will be able to enter into some of these experiences for yourselves, and see what I mean for yourself.

William Prescott



22nd March 2018

Easter Experience

From Maundy Thursday and over the Easter weekend, you are invited to visit the ‘Easter Experience’ prayer stations that will be set up in All Saints’ Church, Hursley.  These will be places to read, reflect, pray and experience the Easter story afresh.

22nd March 2018

Hursley Hub Cafe

We will be holding another cafe morning on Saturday 24th March from 9 am until 12 noon in All Saints’ Church, Hursley. We will be serving bacon rolls and coffee.  Come along and take the opportunity to relax and read the newspapers.  Everyone welcome.

27th February 2018

St, Matthew’s Coffee Morning

The next coffee morning will be held on Monday 6th March in the Church Room and proceeds from the morning will be used to provide flowers for Easter in Church.

Our last coffee morning raised £124 for the Gardening Team.  Thank you to everyone who came along.

Do come and join us on Monday from 10 a.m.

21st February 2018

Hursley Hub Cafe

Come along for bacon and egg rolls and cake on Saturday 24th February between 9 a.m. and 12 noon in Hursley Church to enjoy a relaxing morning and a chance to read the papers.  Everyone is welcome to join us.

11th February 2018

Lent Study Groups

This year, the Lent Study Groups will be held.on Wednesday evenings at 8 p.m in Compton C of E Primary School and at 10 a.m. on Thursday mornings in the Church Room, St. Matthew’s, Otterbourne. The meetings will begin on 21st and 22nd February respectively.

Together we shall be watching the Swedish Oscar nominated film ‘Som I Himlen’, As it is in Heaven’.  This film is not a musical but it is about a conductor who has a breakdown and returns to his roots and inspires people in a village to change through the power of making music together.

Watch the clip below for a taste of the film..

Everyone is welcome to come and join in the discussions.

18th January 2018

Good Book Group

There will not be a meeting of the group for the next few months.

The next meeting will take place in May.  This will allow people time to attend the Ash Wednesday Service, Lent Groups and have space for Easter.

Details of the Groups and Services will be published soon.


18th January 2018

St. Matthew’s Coffee Morning

The next coffee morning will be held on Monday 6th February at 10 a.m. in the Church Room.

Monies raised will be donated to the St. Matthew’s Church Gardening Fund with a view to buying the gardening volunteers a new wheelbarrow!

Come along and join us for tea, coffee and cake.

2nd January 2018

St. Matthew’s Coffee Morning

There will be no coffee morning this month .  The next one will be on Monday 5th February at 10 a.m. in St. Matthew’s Church Room.  Everyone will be most welcome.