All Saints', Compton

All Saints', Compton

All Saints', Hursley

All Saints', Husrley


St Matthews', Otterbourne

Our three parish churches only survive and function through the generous support of both regular worshipers and those who just want us to be there when needed. 

• We receive no grants from the government, local or national, or funding from the central church or Winchester Diocese.

• From the money we receive through donations and fundraising we maintain our historic listed buildings and support the work of our priest and diocese.

If you would like to contribute to your parish church, either by supporting a one-off appeal or by making a regular contribution to our funds, then please use the buttons below. Thank you.

To find out more about regular giving with the Parish Giving Scheme click here or on the button.

To contribute to All Saints', Compton you will need the church id 410641337

To contribute to All Saints', Hursley you will need the church id 410641340

To contribute to St Matthew's, Otterbourne you will need the church id 410641237


The church meeting room roof is in urgent need of repair. The Covid 19 restrictions have meant that we have not able to raise funds in the normal way this year.

The church room is an integral part of our church and is essential for group meetings, coffee mornings, etc..

We would be grateful for any support you can give to help us repair such a vital part of our church.

Thank you.


Damage caused by water leaking from the roof upstands