Change for Change

coins-UK reduced and crpped

For many years the churches of St. Matthew and All Saints’ Compton found it very difficult to fund outreach to those less well off than ourselves. Keeping a sound roof over our heads and paying our ‘parish shares’ absorbed all of our energies. But it was time that we re-visited our duty to reach out to a wider world - ‘Change for Change’ materialised.

The idea that was born was for as many who were willing to put aside their small change in a suitable container and bring it to church periodically on a ‘change for change’ Sunday.

All are welcome to participate in our change for change collections, sticky labels are available in church to afix to your selected container so you remember to tidy away those small coins that can cause a nuisance in your purse or pocket!


We are currently supporting 4 organisations:

    Shepherds Down School, Compton for children

                                                 with complex learning needs
    Night Shelter, Winchester
    Mandalay Orphanage, Myanmar, Burma
    St. Anne’s Hospital, Liuli, Tanzania